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Meet and listen the greatest contemporary innovators, visionaries and business practitioners.


Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session – a chance to talk to really interesting guests.


Think and change the world for better. The future is  in your hands. In our hands.
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Meet the greatest contemporary innovators

Saturday : 20/06/2020 : 21.30 | Prof. Vivek Wadhwa (Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering)
Thursday : 24/06/2020 : 20.00 | Itay Talgam
Saturday : 27/06/2020 : 21.30 | Solomon Darwin
Saturday : 27/06/2020 : 21.30 | Michael G. Jacobides

Meet the organizers

This is a project of technology and innovation offices. The originators of the project are Paweł Pacek and Bartosz Sokoliński supported by their team.

Our speaker

“A decision must be made. The facts have been assembled, and the arguments for and against the options spelled out, but no clear evidence supports any particular one. Now people around the table turn to the CEO. What they’re looking for is good judgment—an interpretation of the evidence that points to the right choice.

“Good judgment requires that you turn knowledge into understanding. This sounds obvious, but as ever, the devil is in the detail—in this case your approach to learning. Many leaders rush to bad judgments because they unconsciously filter the information they receive or are not sufficiently critical of what they hear or read.”

The Elements of Good Judgment
Sir Andrew Likierman
Harvard Business Review

Leaders need many qualities, but underlying them all is good judgment. Those with ambition but no judgment run out of money. Those with charisma but no judgment lead their followers in the wrong direction. Those with passion but no judgment hurl themselves down the wrong paths. Those with drive but no judgment get up very early to do the wrong things. Sheer luck and factors beyond your control may determine your eventual success, but good judgment will stack the cards in your favor.

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